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Aeroseeder drone in a field


Get Informed


How much can the drone seed in one day?

The Aeroseeder drone can seed up to 240 acres in one 8 hour work day.

What software do we use?

We use our very own software made for our Aeroseeder drones.

What is the typical seed mix?

Aeroseeder accommodates a wide variety of seed mixes. Our typical seed mix is annual ryegrass, winter rye, turnip, radish, and rapeseed.

How long is the average flight?

On average we like to fly our drones for 3.5 minutes before we stop to charge the batteries.

How long does it take the batteries to charge?

After a flight the batteries take about 10 to 12 minutes to charge.

What is the average cycle time?

An average cycle time is approximately 5 minutes. This time includes switching the batteries and refilling the seed hopper.

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