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Elmwood Farm in Garnavillo Iowa, run by CJ&L Inc (a family farm corporation), has always strived for better land stewardship for future generations.


In 2013, Loyal Leitgen, President of CJ&L Inc, planted a cover crop on our farm with a crop duster. The cover crop did not turn out well due to late planting by the crop duster.

This is where we started considering the possibility of using a drone instead. Drones reduce many of the limitations and issues that crop dusters have such as scheduling, risk, and certain obstacles a crop duster cannot maneuver around.


We wanted a drone that could carry 20 - 30lbs and broadcast cover crops. The compact platform of a drone would be easier to use on smaller acreages. Seeding drones would allow for more service providers in the market, and give some proficient farmers the possibility of doing the jobs themselves.

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