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Cover Crop Drone Flying Next to Combine
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The adaptation of cover crops is a key soil health practice and has expanded rapidly to 15.5 million acres in 2018.

The USDA maintains a cost share program with the farmers requires farmers use a seed mix that includes Nitrogen

scavenging plants.  Water run off from fields that have seeded a cover crop contain significantly less pollution generally

and only minor amounts of Nitrates.  Soil health improves to the point that many farmers would continue the practice

even if the USDA discontinued the cost share program.


Ideally the time to seed a cover crop is pre harvest of the maturing crop. 

Daylight time is longer and the probability of

rainfall higher so most preharvest seeding is successful. The vast amount  of the seeding is done with ground equipment

due to the high cost and the lack of available crop dusters.


Cover Crop Results

Farms in Clayton County, IA



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The Aeroseeder MK1 spreading seed next to combine
Shawn and Tom
Agriculture drone the Aeroseeeder drone MK 1 mid flight in mission over farm
Bud Leitgen and Tom Leitgen next to the Aeroseeder drone MK 1

Large agricultural drone manufacturer | Aeroseeder LLC - UAV LLC | Iowa